BROCK Halogen oven, 1400W

Code:HO 1701 WH
Group:Convections ovens
Manufacturer:Brock Electronics
Weight:7 kg
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Product description:
This appliance will help you to prepare food without any worries with its convection function.
The aerogril quickly reaches the required temperature and prepares food quickly.
Cooking time is 3-5 times faster than in a normal oven.
Enables cooking without oil and fat, reducing intake of cholesterol test.
High temperature resistant glass container.
Low power consumption.
In addition, there is a special mount that increases the oven volume to 17 kg.
Also suitable for defrosting frozen food.
Easy to use timer and temperature control.
Prepares food evenly.
Power: 1200-1400W.
Volume: 12-17L.
Current: 220-240V ~, 50Hz.
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