BOTTI Electric face brush

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Product description:
The electric facial and body brush, thanks to 7 replaceable attachments, performs the entire skin care process:
- cleanses
- revitalizes
- smoothes out
- oxygenates
- unifies the color
- massage
- slows down the aging process.
A light and handy device that will bring amazing results in improving skin condition./ descriptions of overlays
The soft brush thoroughly cleanses, revitalizes and smoothes the skin.
The massage roller improves blood circulation, thus slowing the aging process.
The body grater gently exfoliates the old skin.
White pumice stone effectively removes hard skin on the heels.
The applicator smoothes and firms the epidermis.
The polisher removes corns and polishes rough skin.
The nail buffer smoothes and shapes the shape of the nails
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